About us

ETS Design is an engineering design company, based in Kingston Upon Thames, West London. It specialises in the development of high quality and innovative products, test equipment and production machinery for use in manufacturing industries and small businesses. Our expertise covers a wide range of mechanical and electro-mechanical engineering disciplines. We also provide fully integrated measurement and control systems, coupled with bespoke electronic and software applications.

Customers include large global concerns such as Martin Baker Aerospace, Telma and Ametek, plus small emerging/local businesses like Powerhouse and Cromwell Tools. We also have expertise in low emission vehicle design, including the development of electric vehicles, hybrid buses and performance modeling software.

ETS Design offers competitively-priced, full design and manufacture services for projects from start to finish and can also work with customers in the specification and design process to achieve the desired result.

Above all, ETS Design helps to create practical, well designed engineering machines that are value for money, delivered on time and to specification. Since its formation some 15 years ago, the design room team is led by MD Marcus Allard, with Chairman, Gerard Sauer, heading up the business development role.