We’re clever at developing innovative technical products and machines by blending our design creativity with a commitment to high quality engineering. From the germ of an idea, to seeing a gap in the market or as a result of a think-tank session, we can now offer these items:

Hybrid Retarder
ETS Wheelchair Lift
Solbraze Ultrasonic Soldering Iron

About the Wheelchair Lift

An innovative wheelchair lift, called Rise, which moves up and forwards is now available from ETS Design. It was developed to help solve a particular access problem and help a wheelchair user have easy access to a terrace situated two steps above floor level.

The platform lift uniquely incorporates both a forward movement as well as a vertical one, meaning that the existing steps can remain in position and can be used normally by an able-bodied person. No structural alterations are needed to allow the lift to be fitted.

In the first model, the discreet platform has been customised and finished with specially selected oak boards to match existing flooring, with polished stainless steel used for panels. It also incorporates a built-in battery backup, so that it will continue to function in the event of a power failure. ETS Design also undertook the fitting of the ‘Rise’ lift in just one morning. It can be easily modified for other similar uses on both domestic and commercial sites. It is available installed and fitted for around £8,000.


ETS also designs and develops machinery for the resistance and ultrasonic soldering industry through it’s Solbraze division (see