Rollecoater Concept DrawingRollecoater Final Product

From concept drawing to product

Welcome to ETS Design

We design products and machines, making clever ideas reality.

ETS Design is an engineering design company, skilled and experienced in developing new industrial machines, products and devices, good at solving manufacturing problems and improving existing technology.

We’re keen to work in partnership with manufacturers to introduce new lines or to redesign and improve items in their ranges.   This allows our customers to focus on their own goals, while ETS Design specialists get to grips with:

  • solving a specific problem,
  • reducing costs,
  • filling a skill gap,
  • improving processes.

Our design team is multi-disciplinary and has a proven track record. Their experience includes  mechanical, electrical and electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic work and they are customer friendly and responsive.  We are clever at developing innovative technical products and machines. This is achieved by combining creativity with a commitment to high quality engineering …. using the germ of an idea,  or from spotting a gap in the market or resulting from a brain-storming session.

With offices in west London, near to Heathrow airport, ETS Design has great transport links and is easily accessible for this rapidly growing industrial area.